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Mother form Australia
Recently I bought 4 ballpoint Yoropens from you. I don't usually write to people who sell me a pen but your company is an exception.
My daughter is dyslexic, dysphasic and left handed. She is 15 years old and although she has progressed through school reasonably well being an only child with a lot of help (as I am a teacher at her school,) the main area I could not help her was with the stresses she had writing and trying to keep up with her class. Taking notes and writing for more than 5 minutes has been hell for her for 10 years. Over those years she built up a large hard ugly callous on the side of her middle finger that never left and caused constant discomfort because each day of writing made the problem worse. Even doctors had only 'use a bandaid' as a solution.
And then along came the Sunrise show and your pen.
After only 4 weeks of use the callous which we thought was permanent has gone, her ugly writing up and down on the line is now level and the uneven size of her letters and words have now regulated into a small neat consistent script. I can feel the tears well in my eyes and a lump forming in my throat as I type about the joy I have watching her write for hours and hours and happily showing me how much she can write without pain and with legibility.
If you ever need a living, breathing example to tour to publicize your pen my gorgeous (blonde, blue eyed and now much happier) teenager is the one. She is a champion public speaker having won many competitions and is passionate about your pens. (I must put another order in soon)
So thank you for making a difference in one girl's life. She now feels she can plan a future at University and aim for a career not just a job. She hopes one day to be able to teach children with learning difficulties.
I had better stop gushing now.
Angie Smith /Mather form Australia
Dear Gavin,My 5 year old son Harrison has a challenge called radial - ulnar synostosis. Basically this means that he cannot supinate at the wrist, which makes holding a pencil difficult, ( imagine your writing hand in a cast ). He has just started using the Yoropen childrens pencil. The improvement is wonderfull!! Myself , my husband and Harrisons teachers at pre primary are just blown away. Instead of saying "writing is boring", which is 5 year old speak for ,"I can`t do it", he actually wants to practice his alphabet with his new "wicked pencil". Please send on our thanks to Mr. Liu.
Yours faithfully, Angie Smith
Laura Barnett / Mother of Philip aged 12
"I am writing to say how pleased we are with the new pencil that you gave Philip. Philip is in a Year 3 class and is left handed and used to hold his pencil awkwardly. Philip is now holding his pencil correctly... The quality of his work has greatly improved and it is now much neater. Philip likes the fact that he can read what he is writing. I hope that this product will be available once the trial has finished and that Philip will benefit and continue to improve using the pencil."
Lydia / Australia
hi. Just writing to let you know how fabulous your pens are. I ordered 1 a few weeks back for my son with arthritis and he loves it and says it’s the best and easiest pen he has ever used. So i would like to order 4 more. Thanks so much for finally giving us a product that makes Aidens' life a little easier.
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