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Emma Thompson  Hollywood movie star, London
Thank you so much for my Yoropen. It's amazingly comfortable and I am using it now.
Alison Deuchars / Left Hander
"Many thanks for inventing the Yoropen. I'm left-handed and as you are aware this can be a problem when using conventional writing implements. Today I received my Yoro pen/pencil set from Anything Left-handed and for the first time ever I can see what I'm writing and not smudge. I don't think I'll ever use a conventional pen or pencil again! Thank you once again!"
Jeffrey / Certified Public Accountant
"A very futuristic design. I like the platinum and chrome look of the pen as well as the feel in my hand. The further away I hold my fingers from the nib of the pen the more flexibility I have in rotating the head of the pen to position it at different angles to the page which allows for different writing styles."
Colin Reid/ UK
I’m a 60-year-old who has been in IT for many years. My school-days were based in “proper-nib-proper-ink” writing, and I saw the birth of the “biro”. Through college and work since 1965 I have seen my writing degenerate by ball-point pens offering insufficient resistance – not so bad if I’m the only one reading it, but not very good if others are!!!
Now most of my writing is typing, but my notes are still hand-written and I’ve looked back over my notebook at Yoropen-written pages against ordinary ball-pen-written ones – the comparison is amazing – tidier and much easier to read. That led me to a panic-attack – what happens if my one pen runs out? My wife bought it over a year ago as a gadget-for-Christmas. Smart move putting your web site on the barrel – smart web-site as well.
I’ve ordered some spares and one for a friend who is 65 this year – he can have some “good writing” as well!!!
Bil. Alvernaz/Texas US
Thanks! You make me very happy today, I once again thank you help me with this problem. Also, I forgot to mention before, I am a living product of your ads, because people always ask me about Yoropen. I told them where to buy, in fact many people bought them already. I am very happy to promote your pen, because this is the best pen I even had! I love it! I received a replacement part for my Yoropen, and it's working again! Thank you for your help. I am very touched to see these parts are sent from the Republic of China. Before I did not know your company is located in the Republic of China! This is called a real customer service ah! Across half the planet to deliver my Yoropen replacement. More importantly, I love my Yoropen. It really makes my life easier and feels good.
Emma Beadle / UK
I have recently purchased one of your pens after seeing it advertised in the newspaper and I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with it.
I have always found holding pens difficult for some reason and usually have to to hold them in some very awkward positions, usually resulting in discomfort after just a few moments writing, but your pen sits very naturally in my hand and I can now write for 30 minutes or more with no discomfort whatsoever.
Another thing is that for part of my job I have to write on forms that have anything up to 4 parts. With a normal pen, I would have had to apply quite a bit of pressure to make sure that it travelled all the way through all the sheets, but no more. Now I just write with my normal pressure and I don't have to worry about it.
I just want to thank you for making this pen and can assure you that I will always be using it in the future and have recommended it to friends who have similiar problems with writing implements [including a few who are left handed.
Yours Sincerely,
Emma Beadle
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