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Holding pen posture issue
From the practical experience and large information to find, the most of people can advise many ideas about the writing issue, but it just expose the problem only, just few solutions to provide partially overcome the difficulties of writing program.

When I looking the problem and find out, although many experts and well-know document writte also struggles to provide a more appropriate tool for people writing efforts, the world-famous pen factory and also in accordance with the various people of different needs, each of a variety of ergonomic design suitable need to use, but until now, most of the written parts of the design can only ease the tension.
You are not able to image that there are over 90% of children have the wrong holding pen posture (according to the report from Dr. Hideki Oshiki, Japan), and the kids are our sweetheart for the parents, not to mention other special needed writers : such as the left hander and arthritis sufferer …..etc. Especially writing disabilities has special physical disability as a result of writing difficulties arise for other reasons, and because of problems reading writing Obstacles…..ect. The impact is very big for me, but also because my daughter needed, so I determined to research the invention of writing that can overcome the most difficult writing tools.
Then I explore why such a high ratio of wrong holding pen issue, the reason is the children have prepared a long-term use of body movements and long the most sophisticated writing training when their limbs, nerve and skeletal muscle has not yet reached the standards as adults. In fact, the children coincides with limb bones, nerves and muscles of the development process, will not be able to reach the normal expectations of adults hold a pen:
Most educational institutions around the world has enacted"method of writing to hold a pen", to teach the people how to document a good grip means, for example"The standard SOP hold a pen"as below.
The pencil grasp essentials to be requested for"correct writing method and posture": feet of natural flat, the average body weight is located in the hips, waist dry straight, not leaning desk. Forearm flat on the desktop, left palm flat fingers apart, fixed or mobile paper, shoulders flat, the head upright. Keep the distance eye and paper more than 35cm. Pencil grasp: the forearm to maintain the stability of all the flat desk. In the thumb, index finger, middle finger grip barrel contour in the same link from the tip 2-3cm, pen natural leaning against in the part of the hand between the thumb and the index finger. Pen barrel and the paper into a 45 degree angle, the eyes need to be able to see the nib. Pen brush rules: Finger gently hold the pen, knuckles into a circular shape, except the thumb, the other four fingers arranged close together, ring finger and little finger supporting the middle finger, the palm is hollow. To the palm side of the bottom edge of the little finger as the fulcrum, brush-based wrist and finger joints brush supplement.

Or more simplified that it becomes"Three in One", such as: One inch between pen nib and finger, One feet between eyes and paper, One fist between desk and chest. However, the above"SOP standard pen grasp"used on the traditional pen are difficult to reach even the adults, the children who is growing are more difficult to reach this kind of SOP.
In fact, If use the criteria from the adults who have mature physically and perspectives to measure the child, that the world's children will be children with learning disabilities, and the barriers children with special physical who needs the individual education. Therefore, how to do the experimental simulation via children's point of view, and to observe the breakthrough and are not limited to the traditional linear document of inertia, and not limited by the current standard of industrial production, to avoid a variety of writing needs for the kids and the general and the new era of young adult writing habits, and writing disabilities(New generation writing tool), it is the design direction which I was thinking, and accept the challenge.
Traditional pen issues
In the course of the study, I found a major problem is all the writing tools let the kids hold the pen hardly(fingers grasped the pen). No matter round or triangle traditional pen must be seized by finger [Figure 1, Figure 2, Figures 3 and 4], so after a period of writing as a result of holding(Figure 4) finger pain, blisters finger ache [N], arm pain and fatigue [M]. Even use of more mitigation soft condom on the pen or the triangle [Figure 2 and Figure 3], its role can only increase the friction to hold a pen, but still not out of use nowadays traditional and grasping pen (finger grip pen) way to hold a pen to write
In particular, when the children's physical bones and nerves and muscles have not yet reached the standards as adults, children have the most sophisticated in the use of human manipulation of written work. Due to the children has no ability to hold the pen, and the fingers do not have the support to hold the pen for longer time, therefore, the fingers is easy slide to tip, causing the child will respond by"the original physical instinct"wrong hold the pen, and to bend the body and keep the posture let the eyes closer to the desktop, therefore, the fingers get the blister and hand pain after long writing time, so you will see the children are familiar with us as a child.

To use a variety of strange gestures via"the original physical instinct"approach to hold a pen to write, adding"the un-nature healthy development of writing activities with long time", it has been to cause the children are feeling not well, fingers sore arm and blister, also meet the problem that crest vertebral bending, writer's cramp, learning disabilities, hate the learning, fatigue…..and so on, these headache problem has not yet solved since we start the writing! Although so many concerned parents, educators who still feel helpless, and no effective solutions.
How to overcome
YOROPEN invented one of the most ergonomic of the "revolutionary method of natural guide to hold a pen", providing users to easily achieve the correct grip, according YOROPEN's school management and clinical experience, it offering the users to meet or even exceed"One of three holding pen standard"which is the proposed from the experts.( Remark: the traditional I-shaped pen can only refer to"One of three holding pen standard", but can not take the initiative to hold a pen to reach one of three standards.
YOROPEN is the first one who create one pen, the pen are able let the most of people keep using the normal way to hold the pen, but it is also to answer all the issue of"difficult to hold a pen"! It also easy to reach and help children achieve and even surpass to meet"one of three standards"which provided by education and writing experts, it is because YOROPEN has a"Z shape of the structure", and using normal holding pen way to let your fingers get the right position from YOROOPEN to support the finger for writing (Figure 5 and Figure 6), thumb and middle finger also will be naturally guided to the second position of YOROPEN(grip position), while changing the traditional and long-term success to"grasp pen(fingers grasped the pen)” way to hold a pen to write, and discarding the holding pen’s difficult issue from traditional I shape pen of thousands of years.

"Z shape design" of YOROPEN, let the tip have a room for writers, whether right or left hand are used to see clearly the position to be writing, meanwhile it also will reduce the barrier of the light and shadows when we are writing. "Z shape design"of YOROPEN has changed the problem from the traditional"I shaped"pen, and lifting the fingers sore arm, blisters, clearly written position of vision problems, crest vertebral bending, writing cramps, and fatigue….. etc major writing issues. We believe except all ages of children and the general will get the great helpful for the above features from Yoropen on writing, the most importance is YOROPEN are an excellent hold a pen method and comfortable for the targeted writing disorders are elderly and physically disabled of all ages.

YOROPEN – Pencil series provide the free changeable position via the "adjustable grip" design, can provide with the necessary tuning to the desired location of the free, such as the "left-hander" (please refer Figure 7) and "right hander" (please refer figure 8)
Yoropen gel pen and senior series, which can be deformed by high-level design knob pouches as needed to provide free plastic holder can be reversed so that the user needs with the deformation and tuning to desired location, such as "left-hander" (please see figure 9) and "right-hander" (please see figure 10).

YOROPEN's "Z shape design" to provide finger(braved write) function, and will naturally guide your fingers to the grip position of YOROPEN, so users can fully relax and look at the writing completely, such as "left-hander (Figure 11) and right-hander(Figure 12)" by adjusting the position. This feature is more with the traditional(I shaped) into a variety of different people's needs.
YOROPEN gel pen and senior metal pen series, the combination of "high knob sleeve can be deformed", can provide more direction of rotation patterns can be easily adjusted to their usual and comfortable position(Figure 9 to Figure 12 is show out the example, it is senior torsional deformation pouches can be fine-turning), but in practice, YOROPEN pencil series provides a "fine-tuning grip" can be used to provide left and right hand position, and the child can be fully achieved "one of three standards for pen holding posture".
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