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Initiative to help → One inch between paper and finger.
Initiative to conquer → One feet between paper and eyes
Initiative to make → One fist between desk and chest
" Three in One " must be emphasize in the teaching: One inch, One feet, One fist.
A slang word: " The pen is mightier than the sword ", however, for centuries, writing method has no seriously to thinking about it is right or wrong from generation to generation.
Chinese word is not like 26 English alphabet, it is complex and needs a lot of stroke and order of stroke, therefore, we get " Three in One " rules.
"Three in One" has been approved the people has the problem for the writing, we will telling you "Yoropen" how to solving writing problem, and easy meet "Three in One" rules.
Rule Number one 3#1s writing standard
Rule Number one 3#1s writing standard
The distance between the fingertip and your writing (paper) should be 1 inch away. However, with traditional "I" shaped pens, users' hand tend to slip towards the pen tip blocking visual space / sight on our writings. In order to prevent our hands from slipping, we often apply pressure on our grip on the pen in return resulting in strains and blisters on our hand.
Yoropens' Solution #1
With Yoropen's Patent "Z" shaped pentip, it allows minimal strength required for a firm grip on the pen without your hands slipping towards the pen tip. Not only does it maintain the 1 inch distance between the pentip and your fingertip but it also prevent hand strains and blisters and ensuring a clear visible space on your handwriting. In the meantime, Our adjustable grip also act as a fictional force to prevent our hands from slipping forward and provide a comfortable contact for our fingers.
Rule Number Two 3#1s writing standard
The distance between the handwriting and eyes should be "1" feet away, allowing clear and yet healthy habits, preventing problems with eye sights. With traditional "I" shaped pens, people tend to bend over to check on their handwriting usually resulting in eye problems at a young age or Fatigueness after a period of writing.
Yoropens' Solution #2
With a clear visual space created while using "Z" patented Yoropen, it successfully prevents users from bending over / laying on the desk while writing keeping a feet distance between your eyes and your writing. With left handers, our grip is adjustable to fit your writing habits, allowing very clear and visible writing area. This in return prevent eye sight problems or fatigueness from writing.
Rule Number Three 3#1s writing standard
The distance between your chest and the desk should be "1" fist away to allow a straight, upward healthy writing posture preventing and reducing spinal strains from bad writing postures, twisiting / bending our bodies around the pen just to see our handwriting.
Yoropens' Solution #3
When Yoropen created a clear visible space for your handwriting, it effectively allows us to sit up straight without bending ourselves. While bending over or twisting our bodies around the pen it actually causes a great harm and fatiqueness to our spinal cord. The relieve in Spinal strain is instant while using Yoropen.
The results of "Three in One"
The writing problem is an issue since people starting the writing, but there is no one find out one effort solution to improve it. There are thousand traditional pens in the world, but only revolutionary YOROPEN solve the writing problem.
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